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June 4th, 2019

Are you a financial planner or insurance advisor? Are you offering cash balance plans to your prospects and clients? Would you like to know how I went from making less than $100,000 per year for 17 years to over $100,000 per month, earning the Top of the Table membership for the last 7 years I was in private practice? Great, read below and every word on our website and then let me know when I can give you a call here:

Marketing to a particular group is different than blanket marketing. Blanket marketing can be very expensive. For example, the yellow pages offer the front and back cover for a substantial price because their distribution is tens of thousands to every address in the region. Most of the people that see this type of marketing will never use the products or the service providers that advertise this way. Target marketing is much different.




At CBA, we mail to a particular group. We already know that our specific prospects can most likely use our products and services. They only need to be aware of our services and to be educated as to how we may help them. We know the following about our prospects: they all own businesses with few employees, they currently have a defined contribution plan that includes a 401(k) with a minimum $1,000,000 balance and no more than a $10,000,000 balance. We know that the owners are making contributions, and we are aware of how much they have contributed. We also know that our prospects do not already have a cash balance plan or any other kind of defined benefits plan.

There is much more to our marketing plan. As you may guess, we do not share everything in our algorithm, but just enough to help you know that we want to mail to the same list of 100 business owners over and over again because we have sufficient financial information to do so. We want these wealthy business owners to get to know us over time and know we may be a trusted source for accelerating their retirement date. Repetition builds confidence.

Our goal is to provide our business owner prospects with valuable information until they call us like they would call any other professional, such a physician, orthodontist, or attorney. Our postcard marketing campaign is to build trust and to educate over time. When anyone sees a marketing piece one time, it will usually go into the trash because they do not trust, or they simply are too busy to take in the information. If you want to build a brand and a unique service, then you have to be consistent, and you have to be ready and professional when the phone rings. The above strategy is not criteria that most advisors in the pension business would be interested in, but we are not just in this to sell our products and services. We are in the people business, and we want to lead with a value proposition, not a product with a commission on our minds.

We provide education and a source for business owners to vet balance plans. Most advisors, CPAs, and other professionals are not aware of the legislative changes that have made IRS-approved cash balances plans the fastest growing retirement savings plan in America. Once we have earned the business owner’s trust, we can provide them with a way to not only accelerate their retirement dream, but also to use their new-found tax savings to purchase an IUL for a tax-free exit strategy. Many business owners and high net worth families may choose to finance their IUL with our second-to-none Premium Financing structure.

If the above seems too simple, then please know that my personal annuity and target life premium was just under $100,000,000 for the last seven years I was in private practice, and my marketing plan was 100% postcards and some referrals.

Because of my mentors and technology, I was able to be an absentee producer for the last three of these seven years. During the 17 years before my increase in business that started in June 1999, I was too busy buying leads and running appointments to listen. I thought it was my fault that I could not catch a blue marlin in any of the ponds I was fishing in. My mindset was, “I must not be good enough.”

My mindset today is value first, not a product.

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