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Working with Bill Hall and Cash Balance Advisors has completely changed my practice! Having owned my insurance and financial services practice since 2009, I had never produced more than 40k in life insurance premiums. “In my very first year working with Bill and his team, I closed 400K in premium financed life insurance and delivered more value to my clients than I could ever have imagined”

Kevin Fitzgerald

To say that Bill Hall helped Bryan Philpott and Keith Kelly expand their business would be a gross understatement. In reality, Bill’s mentorship took them from a different industry to years of explosive growth. When Bryan first met Bill, he wasn’t even working in the wealth management industry. Under Bill's mentorship, he got his start and drastically grew his business in the first year.

Meet Bryan Philpott & Keith Kelly


With Bills help and Guidance I have placed over 74 million dollars’ worth of
insurance. We closed on 5 premium finance cases for over 1.7 million of annual premiums. There was
44 million in IUL’s and another 30 million in term insurance that we place in order to lock in insurability
and pivot to more premium finance by exercising the conversion privileges on the term policies.

Meet John Gross